After game four of the NBA finals, things looked very bleak for the Cavs and their hopes of winning an NBA championship. The Warriors were up 3-1 and were making it look easy. In game five things changed and the Cavs wound up winning three games in a row, sealed by an all-time block by Lebron and then a deadly three-pointer from Kyrie. They were the first team in NBA history to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals but when things looked bad, Usher actually thought he had somehow jinxed the team.


In an exclusive interview with Complex, Usher addressed how he felt during the finals being that he is a minority owner in the Cavs and was at all of the games in the Finals.

“That was crazy!. I thought I was the person who was fucking it up,” he explained. “But really, it ain’t have shit to do with me. It had everything to do with them and the fact that they’re amazing players. They played together, they played team ball.”

I’m not really sure what could have made Usher think that he was the one f*cking it up but so be it. He was on hand for game seven in Oakland to see it all happen and talked about how the Cavs did it. “It was a major upset,” he says about the Warriors’ loss. “I mean, beyond major upset. After a year like that…You can have a [73-9] record like that but if you don’t win the one game that matters it doesn’t mean anything. It means you guys managed to play well up to that point, but this team managed to play better, play together. I guess J.R. [Smith] has a reason [to get] more tattoos.”

For obvious reasons, he is glad he stayed with the team even when there were a few season before Bron came back where it looked like it would be ugly for years to come. “Yeah, LeBron James left but I stayed. I’m happy to now reap the benefits of still being a part of this organization.”