The woman who is accusing Derrick Rose and his friends of sexual assault in a civil case, has also filed criminal charges against the Knicks star according to TMZ. Rose’s lawyers are crying foul because she waited more than two years to file a report with police but her own lawyers claim there are reasons for that.


The woman is suing Rose for $20 million dollars, claiming he and his friends essentially gang raped her in 2013. As far as why she waited until 2015 to file her lawsuit? Well according to her attorney, Brandon Anand, “She was scared and didn’t know what happened. She was in a state of shock and denial.”

When asked why she filed a lawsuit first, rather than pursuing criminal charges, he had an answer for that too. He said the statute of limitations on civil suits was winding down and they wanted to file the lawsuit before time ran out. After that, they filed the police report. They tried to come to a settlement before going forward in the civil trial but since they claim Rose didn’t acknowledge any wrongdoing, they decided to go ahead with it.

There are people who cast doubt on her version of events however. One friend said the woman was bragging days after the alleged incident about having sex with an NBA player. Also , the woman’s roommate was home at the time of the incident and reported not feeling like there was anything bad happening in the room next door. Rose has maintained his innocence and says everything that happened was consensual.

An interesting new piece of information about Rose doesn’t look too good. Lawyers for the woman showed that Rose said he doesn’t know what the word “consent” means.

“When asked at his deposition, Mr. Rose did indeed not have any answer as to what consent means, and we believe that the record very clearly shows that he and his friends are sexual deviants who essentially decided they would have sex with the plaintiff no matter what,” Anand said. “His friends may have pushed this issue, but all three certainly knew that she was severely intoxicated, she could not consent and she would have never consented.”

Question: “Do you have an understanding as to the word consent?”

Rose: “No but can you tell me?”

Question: “I just wanted to know if you had any understanding.”

Rose: “No.”

The longer this case drags on, the uglier the details seem to get. The trial is set to begin on October 4th unless a settlement is reached, which both sides say remains a possibility.