When Kanye West first stepped on the scene back around 2003, his debut single “Through The Wire” detailed a devastating car crash that almost took his life, but left him with a broken jaw. Conspiracy theories have been swirling for years now that the car crash was fake and that he actually got pummeled in his hometown of Chicago over a beat discrepancy. The conspiracy theorists have returned once again to try and take down Ye!

Frankie Zing

@Flyer_thanu2 on Twitter suggests:

“And what’s crazy is Kanye still got world thinking he was in a bad car accident October 2002 all I’ma say is come to Chicagoland and ask”

” Plenty of n***as in the city know what happened as well as Milwaukee n***as know what happened to Kanye that night.”

This threw Twitter into a frenzy with proofs, photos and articles all pertaining to Ye. But, the one piece of evidence that could “debunk” this theory, is that of a court document filed by Miguel Villasana, the other victim of the alleged card crash where Kanye is a defendant. Hit the gallery above and let us know what you think of all this.