Remy does a freestlye and looks like she’s coming for Nicki.

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After Remy’s freestlye Lil Kim tweeted saying

“Remy deadass called Nicki the bird from Sesame Street then dragged her beak nose!!! No chill!!!”.

For awahile I’ve been thinking that Remy been coming for Nicki, did you guys hear her on “All the way up remix” when she says

“My swag, my flow, I stole it back
They mad, too bad, my shows is packed
My town, my crown, I really rap
I’m home, my throne, I spoil you that
When the bitch was gone, they was really playing with it
I was sitting listening, like, they ain’t even saying shit
Now the real is back, I see they all tryna change and shit
But it’s really too late now, I’m going back yo
One of these bitches, two of these bitches gotta die
Three of these bitches, four of these bitches gonna cry
Five of these bitches popping pills, they high
Six bird bitches, none of them get fly
See, I don’t wanna hear about your records and big numbers
Cause I was up top seven winters and six summers, cuffed
All in that bus, locked me all the way down
Now I’m all the way up”

Do you guys think that she’s dissing Nicki???? All I know is that Remy is coming for what’s hers!


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