Kroger’s supermarket is in full apology mode after one of their employees was sent home for wearing a Colin Kaepernick jersey to work. Before you think he wasn’t dressed correctly or anything like that, the store where he worked was letting employees wear their favorite NFL teams and colors. Elijah Scott, a 16 year old boy, was the only worker sent home. It was obvious his manager did it out of spite because the Kaepernick jersey was involved but at least for the moment it seems like people higher up in the food chain of the company have made things right.


A customer complained to the manager of the store that Elijah was wearing the Kaepernick jersey and the decision was made to send him home. The entire thing is pretty crazy because we all know what the lady and the manager were thinking.

TMZ contacted a rep for the company and they were completely against the way Elijah was treated. “We are proud and privileged to employ a workforce and to serve a customer base as diverse as America. We are aware of this situation and have apologized to Elijah and his mother. Diversity, inclusion and respect are among our company’s core values and ones we strive to live up to every day.”

The company agreed to pay Elijah for the time he lost. No word yet on what type of discipline, if any, that the manager will face.