Mark Cuban is not a fan of Donald Trump and he has seen time and time again, how Trump always ducks tough questions or how sometimes people who interview him just plain take it easy on him. Cuban is tired of the rhetoric that Trump has been spewing and wants the chance to interview him for real. Since Trump understands money, Cuban made him an offer that he shouldn’t refuse but we all know he will.


Cuban took to twitter last night and publicly offered to give $10 million dollars to any charity of Trump’s choosing if he would let him interview him about his policies and their substance. This stems from Trump going on Fox News and saying Cuban was “not smart enough to understand his economic plans”.

Cuban took it a step further by the offering to give Trump the $10 million directly, instead of donating it to charity.

So far there has been no response from Trump and don’t hold your breath for one. While I’m sure he would love to take $10 million for just four hours of sitting with Cuban, he knows the type of pressure Cuban will put on him and he won’t look good on camera trying dodge questions from someone who won’t let up.

Check the gallery for the tweets.

H/t Complex