The Game’s manager wack 100 has thrown his own personal stone in the battle against Meek Mill. The manager is not one known for staying out of the Games Drama. Most still remember when he knocked out “Stitches”, an up and coming rapper who trolled the Game for months. In the meme he depicts Meek as an actual rat lol. Check out the pics in the gallery after the jump.

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Seems like in this day one of the key moments of any rap beef are the meme’s. Meek unfortunately has been the but of three notable rappers memes back to back.

First it was Drake. Meek and Drake had an all out beef after Meek Mill disclosed that the Toronto rapper allegedly does not write his own bars.

(Photos + Video) Drake Taunts Meek Mill During His Performance At #OVOFest!!

Then the rapper got into it with 50 cent and his entourage. Someone who is notorious for memes, hurting the image of Money Maywether with a meme poking fun at the boxers alleged inability to read. But in this crossfire 50 focused his meme talents on the Philadelphia rapper Meek.
UPDATE: (Video +Photos) Tony Yayo and Irv Gotti Join In Meek Mill & 50 Cent Beef!

And now The Game and his crew have added themselves to the Meek Mill Hollywood Meme of fame.

Hopefully this all stays on wax and IG fingers and doesn’t go any further.

Source: Wack100