The LAPD may have possibly just hurt the entire basis of The Game’s argument. As you know, he’s been going with the story that Meek Mill “snitched” to police when Sean Kingston got robbed back in June, telling LAPD to question him about it. Now, LAPD is responding, and they say it certainly didn’t go that way.

According to TMZ, detectives investigating the chain robbery told them that they never even heard mention of either Game OR Meek’s name, and say they never knocked on Game’s door to discuss it with him like he claims. There is SOME Game connection, however.

Marisa Mendez: Twitter || Instagram

Other sources tell TMZ that Sean’s mom assumed Game was involved simply because he was in her son’s VIP section that night, and had went on to tweet him the next day :

“All witness[es] saw your people sucker punch a n***a and robbed him.”

Definitely doesn’t seem to involve Meek. Any response, Game?