Metta World Peace claims he and his family have been harassed by a deranged woman who’s threatened violence, attacked his propter and waited for his kids after school.  MWP has now obtained a restraining order against her.

According to TMZ Sports, MWP went to the LAPD and told the police a “stranger,” named Miesha Shakes had been harassing him in a series of disturbing emails dating back to 2015.  He says the emails contained violent threats, including one that read, “I apologize in advance, I’m going out with a bang.  This will be the worst thing to ever happen in Westwood.  Call cops I”m ready.”

The woman has also threatened to attack his car, accused him of raping women and threatened him with knife, MWP alleged in the court documents.  He claims she made good on some of her threats, including throwing a brick through a window in his building and slashing his tires.  He also claims she physically attacked his 19-year old daughter and “was waiting outside for my 13-year old daughter after school.”

MWP is clearly scared, and rightfully so; he asked the judge to keep her “1 million” yards away from his family, home, workplace, kids’ school and “Earth.”

The judge ultimately ordered the woman to stay 100 yards away from all of the requested places, well of course except Earth.  A hearing in the case is scheduled for later this month.

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