Anthony Lamar Smith was fatally shot by police back in 2011. There is now footage out showing that police just might have planted the gun inside of Smith’s car.

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch obtained footage from a store, police video, and video from a bystander’s cellphone. Officers Jason Stockley and Brian Bianchi tried to arrest Smith after they suspected he was making a drug deal outside of a resturant. In the court documents, Stockley made a comment during the chase saying,

“Going to kill this motherf***** don’t you know it.”

There was a car chase in which one of the officers hit Smith’s car and shot him five time. In the report, Jason Stockley stated he walked to the car once but in the video, we see him walking to the car twice. The second time, he starts reaching inside of a duffle bag but we can not see much because of the position his body is in. Now just imagine how many other cases are like this one.

Source: Complex