Brandon Jennings can’t wait for his first season with the Knicks to start, especially since it might help him stay away from twitter a little more. Jennings sent some ether in the direction of Iman Shumpert on twitter, before deleting the tweets and admitting to himself he needs to stop responding to headlines. After a story on Bet.Com made it seem as if Shumpert threw a shot at Jennings direction after his comments about Teyana Taylor earlier this week, Jennings let his feelings on Shump and his contract be known.


Earlier this week, Jennings threatened to air out some things after Teyana talked about the relationship she had with Jennings and how Tae Heckard came between them. Jennings was upset because there was no need for her to speak on such things at this point. Iman Shumpert then posted a picture to his Instagram of Teyana, their daughter and himself walking with the caption “real love”.

BET then made a blog post about that with the title “Iman Shumpert smoothly destroyed Brandon Jennings with this Instagram post”. First off, he really didn’t destroy anyone with the picture but the title got under Jennings skin.

He responded by tweeting “Let’s look at the big pic he got 40mil to do nothing. (Thank U Lebron). Relax before we apply that pressure”.

Sheesh! Jennings was not in the mood and rightfully so. He did however catch himself a short time later and deleted that tweet and went on to say “I had to delete that. No need for that. I’m sorry. My fault my fault!!”. He followed that up with “I actually like Lebron so my bad. My fault”.

Should be interesting to see if Shump responds to the comment about his money but either way I know Jennings, Shump and all of us just can’t wait to see the season tip off.

Check the gallery for the tweets!