Kevin Durant, along with Nas, made an appearance this week on the HBO show “Any Given Wednesday” hosted by Bill Simmons. During the 30 minute show, they covered a wide range of topics from Colin Kaepernick’s protest and how it will carry over to the NBA, rap beefs, KD’s move to Golden State and much more. During the speed round, where Simmons asked both Nas & KD questions for quick answers, we found out how KD feels about Lebron and the way he pushes him. We also found out he is jealous of how good Damian Lillard can rap and Durant was surprisingly honest about the hideous “Chef Curry 2” lows that came out earlier this year that were the subject of countless jokes.


“What did you think of the Chef Curry’s”?

KD’s reply : “They were bad”

They specifically spoke more about Durant’s move to Golden State in the clip below.

It should be a very interesting season in Golden State with all the star power. I can assume the people at Under Armour weren’t thrilled with a big time Nike guy like KD saying how bad they were. The sneaker company wars within the team could be as interesting as the play on the court.