Art galleries are no longer just the home of the rich; Jay Z, Swizz Beatz and more have connected art to hip hop and helped give rise to an influx of talented urban artists.  Event producer Brianni Taylor found an awesome way to make that connection even more enjoyable.  Taylor decided to put together an art exhibit inspired by Kanye West‘s latest album, The Life of Pablo.  The reception was insane and soon Taylor had to split the one-day pop-up exhibit into three sessions in order to accommodate all the guests.  It was clear that she came up with something incredible and now she’s back with an exhibit inspired by Drake’s latest album, Views.  Armed with everything she learned from the first exhibit, and new creative ideas, Taylor’s #ViewsExhibit will have a Drake-inspired flavor by Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, a Drake based photo booth with props made by Taylor Made Greetings, an open bar with mixed drinks named after Drake songs, and an all Drake karaoke contest.

I spoke with Brianni Taylor about her inspiration for the events and what’s to come.  You can purchase tickets for the #ViewsExhibit HERE.

1. How did you come up with the idea to start these art exhibits?  What inspired you?
A: I love producing events and I love pop art. Before The Life Of Pablo Art Exhibit, I’ve never curated an art exhibit, I just thought it would be fun to do so. I also really like interactive and themed events, so I just decided to combine music, physical artwork, food and some liquor (of course) together and just prayed for the best.
2. How did the reaction to the first exhibit make you feel?
A: OMG, I was so overwhelmed! I wanted to cry, smile, faint… I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was just so grateful and really blessed to receive such a great reaction.
3. What did you learn from the first exhibit that you incorporated into the second?
A: I’m super big on feedback positive and negative, so I asked so many different people their opinions on the event. I always want to get better and better! This time around I created 2-hour segments and I also have all access passes for sale. I’ve gotten a sponsorship from Clique Vodka to cover our open bar. I hired more help to maintain the Drake inspired photo booth and take pictures for our guests. There will also be food (obviously with a Drake theme) prepared by Everybody Eats. There will also be two DJs and wayyyyy more artwork.
4. Why did you choose Kanye West and Drake?
A: in all honesty, those are my 2 favorite rappers of all time. I love them and I pray every night to the 6 God & Yeezus that they do a collaboration album. They are both sooooo different in their music style and they are just dominating in everything they do. Going forward I do want to have art exhibits based around other artists BUT those are the two I am most passionate about.
5. What are your plans going forward in terms of expansion and branching out to possibly other ideas?

A: There have been some talks of taking these art exhibits to Miami, Los Angeles, and Atlanta… Even Philly, which I think might be smarter so it is closer to NY. I really just want to create, curate and produce dope events… PERIOD! I’ll go to any city that will appreciate it genuinely. I most definitely would like to take Views The Art Exhibit to Toronto, that’s the next goal.

Stay tuned, I’ll have photos and videos from the event.

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