Funk Flex just had French Montana on the line and he cleared up a few things that have been on French fans minds. 1- the Iggy Azalea relationship and 2- Max B getting a potential early release from his 75 year bid.

Frankie Zing

On Max B:

“He can come as early as two years, but if he fuck it up in there, excuse my language, he could do six. When somebody giving you 75 years you not even tryna see day of light, so he thinking he gon’ die in there, they gon’ own his coffin. Now, it’s like a walk in the park, two years from 75 years? It’s a great feeling.”

Than on Iggy Azalea:

“I’m just out here having fun enjoying life, man. I always knew her but she was always in a relationship.”

Check the whole audio below from their phone call on Hot 97 if you missed it: