IFWT_Lawrence Taylor

It turns out Lawrence Taylor isn’t as lucky as we thought.  Initially, it seemed like he caught a big break because his DUI occurred one day after his probation ended, but he was just hit with more severe charges and faces quadruple the amount of jail time.

Taylor was arrested on Sept. 2 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida after crashing into a mobile home and a police cruiser.  He was allegedly driving drunk in his Bentley.

Following the arrest, Taylor pled not guilty to 1 count of DUI, which carried a max sentence of six months in jail.

Now, TMZ Sports has obtained court docs which show prosecutors have substituted the charge with 2 counts of “DUI causing or contributing to injury to a person or property.”  Each count carries a max sentence of one year in jail.  LT is due back in court next month.

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