There was recently a video going around of Beanie Sigel getting knocked out by one of Meek Mill’s people. The man goes by the name of Teefy Bey. Bey had a chance to speak with HipHopSince1987 about his brand, his affiliation with Meek, and also the encounter with Beanie Sigel.

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Bey says there was no ghost writing on the whole Game beef track. He says that night in the studio was just coaching each other, saying put more emphasis on this, don’t say it like that. When speaking on Sigel’s knockout, Bey says Sigel started telling information that only the DC squad knew to Game and his crew. He basically felt as though he was disrespected by Sigel. Bey went on to say there’s a lot of things he can not speak on.

Check out the full video below.

Source: WSHH