And it’s for a good cause! America’s most hated man is auctioning off a slap/punch in the face and will donate the proceeds.

Frankie Zing

Shkreli tweeted that he was auctioning the punch or slap to benefit the family of his former PR consultant Mike Kulich, who passed away on Sept. 24 at the young age of 29. Kulich leaves behind a 5 year-old-son named Tyler, who just recovered from leukemia and Shkreli is collecting the auction money for a trust fund for Tyler. He said he will even match the donation.

According to The Huffington Post, you can also have a photo autographed once your punch is complete lmao:

“You must provide the photo and he will autograph it, in person, in the city of your choosing in the United States.

As a special bonus prize, you will also be entitled to one slap or punch directed at Mr. Shkreli. If you win the auction for the autograph, you will also be entitled to transfer the slap or punch to a third-party. You may videotape the autographing event/ceremony.”

So far bids are as high as $78,000. Tweets in the gallery above…who’s bidding?!