Meek gets at a few people you would expect him to get at in #Freestyle017, especially with everything going on in the last couple weeks. It feels like he’s not just mentioning people, but like he’s kinda saying some truth…at least it feels like when he mentions ‘Drizzy’ ?.

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Ok, for a diff perspective, go to Hot97.com, I talked about how the night unfolded, here…I want to talk about the bars. Starting out on Quiet Storm from Mobb Deep, He touched on the comments issue, ‘Weirdo niggas in the comments but we not in to that’, remember he talked about cutting his comments off. He takes a stab at Beans, ‘riding down broad street’…I bully niggas, I’m like Mac again, Philly’, ahh hmmm, The Broad Street Bully aka Mac, Beanie Sigel ?. ‘All this cash money got me stuntin like I’m Baby…posted up with Nicki, that’s when it get tricky, niggas in they feelings, that’s when they get dizzy’…. basically it feels like Meek is calling out that Drake has feelings for Nicki, which where their beef could really come from…which has been rumor for a while now.

‘And don’t co-sign no rats over here my g’, def toward Game.