Richard Sherman never has a problem speaking his mind. Whether he is talking about his opponent, other players in the league or the league itself, you can count on him to speak nothing but the honest truth from his heart. Sherman has become very verbal over the past couple years of his displeasure with people in the league front offices and how they look at the players. He spoke on that and the way players are treated by people who are supposed to have their best interest at heart, with the Players Tribune yesterday.


Sherman starts off by acknowledging all the physical risks associated with playing football, such as cracked ankles, back problems, head injuries and so on. He wanted to be clear that he and other players do understand the position they put themselves in by playing the game but he questioned if players are looked at as people by the NFL or just robotic money makers who generate revenue for the league as a whole.

He spoke on the issue with the way Cam Newton was hit in the head numerous times during the opening game of the season with the Panthers and Broncos. Players are supposed to trust the NFL and the doctors on the sidelines but how can they when they know that bottom line this is a business and if a teams best player needs to come out to be evaluated for a concussion, especially late in the game, it can affect too many different things. Instead they would rather send a player back on the field that they really are just assuming is good to go, instead of really making sure.

You have to respect Sherman’s opinion on all of this and the way he never hesitates to speak out. I’m glad he acknowledged the fact that players need to be responsible for their own decision to play football because of the risks. Too many times there are players who retire and then suddenly complain or even sue the league for injuries they sustained during their playing days. Even with that said, while knowing the risks, players still expect a certain level of protection from themselves at the hands of team doctors and sideline personnel and we all know those doctors will usually do what’s in the best interest of the team and league, before the player.