The big 3 era in Miami with Lebron, Wade & Bosh started off with such a bang but has now fizzled out with a whimper. All three players have issues with Pat Riley, the same man who brought them all together. Bron & Wade already have mentioned things that Riley did or didn’t do that made them feel a certain way and now Bosh is speaking out about how his time with the team has come to an end.


As you already know, Bosh reportedly failed his team physical with issues of blood clots still showing up and the Heat have already said they are moving on from Bosh. The failed physical is fine, nothing the team can do about that but it’s the way they handled it. Bosh found out he failed the same way we all did, through twitter and television.

“I didn’t get a call or a text or anything like that. I mean, it’s a business. We understand that,” Bosh said. “We always say those things. But if you say certain things to the person and you win championships and you have these moments, you don’t want to find things out through the media.”

He said he threw his phone across the room when he found out on tv that he failed the physical. “I’m glad I didn’t break my phone,” the 11-time All-Star joked on the latest installment of his “Uninterrupted” video series.

Bosh believes he will still play again and it not letting the opinion of Pat Riley mean anything to him. “That does not mean my NBA career is over,” Bosh said. “There’s 29 other teams, it’s a whole league. One team does not make up the opinion of everything.”

It’s still somewhat crazy to think the big 3 era only started six years ago and with the way it has come to an end, it feels like decades ago. We hope Bosh focuses on his health because that’s obviously more important than basketball but we would love to see him out there again playing for someone else.

I wonder what all those Heat bandwagon fans are doing with themselves now.