Tom Worthan is a long time standing GOP County Republican Commission Chairman in Georgia. Today footage has surfaced of him making racist remarks about an African American candidate. To be specific “Im afraid hes gonna put a bunch of blacks in leadership positions.” Now Worthan’s defense to these statement are that hes not a racist and that he was just saying what was needed to acquire a vote. Most people are not buying it. More on the story after the jump.

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The video just goes to show that thier are still plenty of in the closet racists holding lower office positions. In the video Worthan states his fear of “blacks” being in positions of power. Stating that “blacks” are not fit to hold such positions. Since the video has surfaced Tom Worthan has apoligized and claims he is not a racist. He says he was doing what he felt he needed to do to secure a vote. Two problems with that. One as a political leader you should be discouraging this kind of thinking. Two the fact that you used racism to secure a vote shows that you are okay with that kind of thinking as you did not even attempt to change the mans way of thinking. Even if he does win re-election im sure many will be calling for his resignation. Check out the video below.

Source: WSHH