Back in 2013, Gucci gave Young Thug his big break signing him to 1017 Brick Squad Records. In this interview with XXL, he reveals he didn’t even have to listen to his music before believing in him.

Frankie Zing

When Pewee [Longway] got to the studio, Peewee brought Thug and two other guys… Peewee is like ‘Gucci listen, they hard, they’re the ones who got me to start rapping, sign them!’ I had a bag with some money and got $25,000 out and I signed Thug right there. Never even heard a song from him … I value Peewee’s opinion so much … From that day on, Thug didn’t leave the studio, he spent the night there. He’d have 30 people in the studio, but he’d never leave.”

“I didn’t really know what I had with Thug, I was just taking a chance,” Gucci explained. “A week later I was like ‘oh, he’s a star.’ Once we did [a] video, and I seen Thug doing the video, I’m like ‘he a star, he outta here,’ and I started putting more focus on him.”