Last night, Kid Cudi revealed in a lengthy Facebook post that he has been battling depression and suicidal thoughts, and he is checking himself into rehab. He promised fans that he’d completed his recently-delayed album already and got “all of the business stuff” out of the way before leaving, so that his team can keep releasing things while he’s gone. He aims to be out in time for his performance at Complex Con on the first weekend of November.

Mental health and therapy is such an important issue, and one that’s shunned among males, particularly in the urban community, as society has bred an environment that tries to peg a man as emasculated if he’s in touch with his feelings or admits that he’s anything less than 100% strong. It’s a great thing that Cudi recognizes he needs help and is doing what he needs to do to get better, and despite the trolls who think it’s a laughing matter, the Cleveland rapper has been getting tons of support from his fans and his peers, including Travis Scott.

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Scott recently professed his love for Cudi on Ebro In The Morning, and continued to sing his praises in a series of tweets this afternoon:

“Praying for my dawg cudi. We love u bro. U mean everything to us. Ur life is to important to us in ways u don’t understand,” he wrote. “DONT FORGET. YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO US. I MAKE MUSIC CUZ OF U.WE NEED U.”

Check out Trav’s full tweets in the gallery. We’re praying for you, Cudder! You got this!