The Golden State Warriors already set a new record finishing 73-9 last season, but they still aren’t considered the best team in history since they failed to win an NBA championship that same year.  They are slated by many to win the title this year with the addition of Kevin Durant and their player-development consultant, Steve Nash says they now could be the  best in NBA history.

via San Fran Chronicle:

“Practice has been pretty sloppy, so (Tuesday) night was something I don’t know if coaches could’ve predicted before the game,” Nash said after practice Wednesday. “We’re thinking, ‘Man, this is going to take a while. We may get punched in the face a few times here.’”Golden State’s 120-75 blitzing of Los Angeles underscored the team’s potential. When spreading the floor and performing at top efficiency, the Warriors are unmatched. Nash, a future Hall of Famer, conceded that they “potentially could be better than any team in NBA history.”

“If they keep sacrificing themselves every few possessions, or every possession, it’ll be beautiful music,” Nash said of the Warriors. “If they can get through that process of change and find that cohesion, they’ll have no ceiling.” […] “It’s a team obviously with an embarrassment of riches,” Nash said. “At the same time, it’s a work in progress.”

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