After recordings of his misogynistic comments towards women leaked, former producers from his show stated that there are “far worse” things on old recordings. Now rumors are swirling of a tape with the Republican nominee saying the “N word”. This time however its video footage. More on the story after the jump.

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We thought we heard the worse of Donald Trump with the leaked hot mic tapes but we were wrong. Just like damn Daniel & Dj Khaled; Trump is back at it again with another one. There is now allegedly footage from the apprentice of the Republican nominee Donald Trump saying the “N word”.

After the release of the leaked hot mic tapes with Republican Nominee Donald Trump saying his famous line “Grab Em by The Pussy” everyone was interested in a certain former Apprentice producers tweet.

Bill Prunit, a former apprentice producer tweeted this:

As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebegininng

Now for the better part the producer left what could soon come to surface to our imagination and knowing Trump the way we do; anything is possible. Now another producer, Emmy winning Chris Nee, tweeted this this afternoon and broke the internet.

I don’t have the tapes. I’ve signed a Burnett contract & know leak fee is 5 mill. Hearing from producers/crew N word is the “much worse”.

The “much worse” he is referring to is the end comment in producer Bill Prunit’s tweet. Now as far as the five million dollar fee, Chris is asking for the financial assistance of Mark Cuban, The Dallas Mavericks Owner. He wants Cuban to cover the 5 million dollar blow that will be received by anyone who releases the tape. Chris tweeted this directly to Mark Cuban:

“@mcuban the price is 5 million to cover the penalty fee. And we all get to hear him use the N word from what I hear”.

“offer to pay the legal fees and fines of anyone who produces the hot mic tapes from #TheApprentice”

Now as we know Mark Cuban and Donald Trump have had many words in the past.

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So will Mark Cuban do the world a favor?

Source: Fortune