During last night’s fast and furious debate, in case you missed it, this is one of the “highlights” from the night. Donald referred to her as the devil and says if he win’s the presidency he’s going to have a special prosecutor look into her case because there’s never been someone running for office with so many lies and so much deception.

Frankie Zing

First Donald came out defending his leaked audio of him talking bad about women from 2005, by saying it was “locker room talk” – then wanted to focus on America’s real issues like ISIS. This all happened within the first few minutes of the debate’s commencement. The devil comment came about after Trump said he didn’t think Hillary beat Bernie Sanders “fair and square” and thought Sanders “signed on with the devil” once he endorsed her.

In the clip below you’ll see a couple minutes of the two going back and forth, really with Donald going at the Democrat. Hillary went on to say that it’s good someone with “the temperament” of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law and he responded with a crowd pleaser: “because you’d be in jail”: