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Kim Kardashian reportedly tells police working her case that the men who were dressed up as cops, barely pulled off the jewelry heist as she recalls the whole ordeal being extremely amateur. Hit the jump for the details.

Frankie Zing

TMZ sources have revealed what Kim revealed to the cops…and it’s that the robbers were extremely hesitant, whisking her in and out of the bathtub, pointing a gun at her head even when it was unecessary, walking away and then pulling the gun again for no apparent reason. Oh and they were arguing in French on how to actually do what they wanted to do.

The robbers were also dressed up as cops (one could assume in a story like this that they stole them from actual police officers), but according to Kim herself the “costumes” looked like they came from a Halloween store.

The jewel thieves also carried out the jewels using a garden-variety backpack and were even extremely carless during the ordeal, leaving zip-ties and duct tape behind, and they also dropped one of Kim’s $33,000 necklace in the street. More details as they come out! I wonder if these guys are gonna get caught…and if they do, that’s embarrassing.