Yandy Smith and Jay Morrison ran into a young man by the name of ‘cloudy’ while valet parking. Cloudy told Yandy he had bars. Being the person Yandy is, she allowed the man to spit his bars and she actually liked what she heard.

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At the end of the rap, Morrison told the white rapper that he should refrain from using the word ‘b*tch’ to address black women. He told them they are ‘Queens.’ The white rapper says he loves his ‘brownskin women.’ He went on to say some women deserve to be called that no matter the color. Yandy explained to the man that women are the ones holding the men down and we need to change the way of thinking around. Lets just say Cloudy dug himself into a deep hole. Cloudy says he did not mean to disrespect anyone.

Check out the encounter below.

Source: WSHH