Ryan Allen, Derrick Rose’s bestie and 1/4 of the alleged gang-rapers took the stand today in the case and gave his recount of the night’s events since Derrick really can’t recall too much.

According to Allen, the reason that Rose doesn’t remember everything that he does is because of the stress that life and the NBA were wreaking on poor Derrick.

“People don’t know how hard it is to be an NBA player. Derrick had a lot going on with family and basketball.”

It was brought to light that Allen flushed his condom while Rose took his with him. When asked why…Allen replied,

“Derrick’s condom is a little more desired than my condom.”

Am I the only one that thinks it’s super sad that this is what we’ve come to? For a woman, a baby is a come up, for a pro athlete, he’s got to keep his semen in his pocket in order to keep his money in the bank. Ugh.

More and more of the sorted details of the evening were shared with the court; it’s total consensuality, kissing (why would you kiss someone that you’re raping), and a big pink vibrator. Hmmm…

This story makes me sad and mad every time we report on it. If it was a rape…just DISGUSTING…if it’s all a lie for dough…just DISGUSTING. Either way, this case is just disgusting.

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