Just two days ago Adrien Broner was on Instagram posting suicidal thoughts and saying he was going to kill himself at 3pm. He even posted a picture of a handgun to show he wasn’t joking around. Some people sent their prayers and hoped friends and family would intervene, while many other people thought he was doing too much and being dramatic. Regardless of how you felt at the time, Broner may have been temporarily going through something but after posting this video of himself and Floyd Mayweather balling in the Bugatti in Las Vegas and talking about robbing the bank with no mask, it appears he is just fine.


Me and @floydmayweather talking business he say we bout to Robb the bank without a mask #AboutBillions #TMT

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If you check the comments on his IG post, this video really has people in their feelings. Some are supporters, who are happy to see Broner enjoying himself while others are upset he made a mockery of mental health by doing all that attention seeking stuff just to turn around and do this.

Mental health is not something that is easily explained or understood. It is quite possible for someone to feel a way one day and then feel the complete opposite the next day and everyone deals with those emotions in their own way.