With the election right around the corner, people are honestly unsure as to who we should vote to become our next president. Alot of people are even feeling sorry for us. Adele recently said she feels ‘bad’ and is ’embarrassed’ for American voters.

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While at her concert in Washington, Adele told her crowd that she is so happy that does not have to vote in this election. When speaking on Sunday’s debate, she said,

“Did anybody watch the debate last night?”

She continued saying,

“Oh my f*cking God… I feel sorry for you, really. I watched the debate, and you should know who I like and who I do not f*cking like.”

One concert goer tweeted a repsponse to Adele’s comment saying,

“Girl, we know. We’re embarrassed too.”

The outside looking in must really be that bad. To hear other foreigners talk about it is super embarrassing if you ask me. America has to do better.

Source: TSR