The idea of the Las Vegas Raiders became very real yesterday after the city approved funding which would contribute $750 million dollars of public money to put towards the construction of the stadium and everything that comes with it. Oakland is on the clock to get a deal done to keep the team in place but the way the city has dragged their feet for years on helping the Raiders build a new stadium, doesn’t make it likely that owner Mark Davis will want to stay there regardless.


Now just because the Vegas funding was approved, which is expected to be signed off on by governor Brian Sandoval as early as Monday, doesn’t mean the move is a done deal. The Raiders can’t formally file for relocation until January 15th and will need the support of at least three-fourths of NFL owners to make the move. The good news is that it already seems at least roughly 19-20 owners are for it, so it won’t take too much convincing to get the others on board. Not too mention the Raiders always just kinda do what they want and it’s hard to believe Davis won’t get this done no matter what.

Davis thanked the legislature in a statement.

“All parties have worked extremely hard to develop and approve this tremendous stadium project that will serve as a proud new home for the entire Raider Nation,” Davis said.

The total cost of the 65,000 seat, domed stadium will be $1.9 billion dollars with $750 of that coming from public funds after the legislature voting to increase hotel tax. $650 million will come from billionaire casino owner, Sheldon Adelson. The remaining $500 million will come from the Raiders franchise itself. The stadium is expected to be open for the 2020 season should the relocation be approved.

Still, there are some opponents of the stadium and the funding. “We are funding luxury items before we’re taking care of our needs,” said Democratic Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson, who opposed the deal. “I don’t let that happen in my home and I’m not going to let it happen … in this house.”

Other people who are against the funding and stadium say the numbers are being exaggerated because without the large number of tourists, the city itself can’t support the team and tourism isn’t always predictable.

It feels like this is going to happen one way or another so the folks against it better find a way to embrace it because I’ll be shocked if they don’t wind up there.