Three men are facing domestic terrorism charges after a plot to bomb an apartment complex was unraveled by the FBI. The complex is currently occupied by more than 120 Somalian immigrants in the south western part of Kansas. The plan included filling up four trucks with bombs and parking them at each corner of the complex. Check more of the gruesome details of the plot after the jump.

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Three men now face domestic terrorism charges after planning to blow up a complex filled with Somalians in south west Kansas. The complex was said to house over 120 Somalian immigrants; according to U.S. Attorney Tom Beall one of the apartments served as a Mosque. According to the Department Of Justice, the three men planned to fill up four trucks with explosives. The trucks were then going to be parked at each corner of the complex, surrounding it totally. The hopes of the men were to create a BIG explosion. One big enough to take the entire complex off the map.

The three men were part of a militia group that goes by the name of “The Crusaders”. According to the Department Of Justice the goal of the militia’s plan was to “wake people up”. According to Beall the men also were stockpiling weapons. “These charges are based on eight months of investigation by the FBI that is alleged to have taken the investigators deep into a hidden culture of hatred and violence,” U.S. Attorney Tom Beall said.

The investigation included a confidential informant who penetrated the group. The informant attended meetings of the Crusaders militia and told FBI officials of the groups terrorist plans to blow up the complex. The three men Patrick Eugene Stein (47), from Wright, Kansas, Curtis Allen (49), and Gavin Wright (49) from Liberal, Kansas were charged with conspiring to use weapons of mass destruction.

According to the Department Of Justice this came after an operation in which one of the members (Stein) met with an undercover FBI agent to test fire weapons on October 12th.

Source: CNN