Who would’ve ever thought that Floyd Mayweather was a psychologist? After Adrien Broner threatened to commit suicide earlier this week, Floyd swooped in and had him out in Vegas enjoying himself at the Lakers preseason game and cruising the strip in Floyd’s Bugatti. Floyd didn’t stopped there however. Last night he had Broner in the ring putting in real work and doing the things he needs to do to get his mind right.


@adrienbroner back to business, having fun. video credit: @jpconnected

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I realize it’s just a minute long clip but Broner looked pretty good and appeared to be in shape. Obviously his sparring partner isn’t the equivalent of a world class fighter, which Broner has struggled against in recent memory but if Floyd keeps him focused, there is no telling where it could lead.

Regardless of all that, it’s good to see Broner in better spirits.