Melania Trump is kicking all the dirt on Billy Bush after she says he is the reason why her husband good ol’ Donald Trump makes statements such as “grab ’em by the p****.” While speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Mrs.Trump says before the Access Hollywood” tape release, she never heard her husband use such language.

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Mrs.Trump says she told her husband that the language he used was unacceptable. She says she was very shocked. She was more so shocked because she had never heard her husband speak like that. She called the language ‘boy talk’ and said once she heard the tape she thought her husband was being coached. Mrs.Trump is blaming Billy Bush for the langue. Im just a tad bit confused. Has Mrs.Trump not heard some of the things that has came out of her husband’s mouth this whole presidential run? How does she not think he is capable of saying such things? I do not for a second believe that Donald Trump was coached by anyone to make those statements. While I do believe it probably was ‘boy talk,’ he still said what he said. We all know that for a fact.

Source: TMZ