Welp, it looks like DeAndre Jordan won’t get his wish.  The Los Angeles Clippers center said he was willing to come off the bench if the team picked up Chris Bosh, the team president and coach Doc Rivers says it isn’t going to happen.

Rivers was having dinner with Larry David when TMZ Sports caught up with him and asked about Bosh.  Doc says he loves Bosh but the chance of him joining the Clippers is next to none.  Rivers says he wants Bosh to focus on his health.

The 11-time All-Star is dealing with blood clots; they unfortunately cut his last two seasons short.  Bosh also failed his preseason physical with the Miami Heat and they say they’re no longer working on his return to the team.

Still, Bosh hasn’t let that get him down.  He says he’s dedicated in his return to the court even if it won’t be with the Heat.

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