Tyga appeared in court Tuesday morning, where he was questioned by the lawyer for a jeweler about how much money he spends on girlfriend Kylie Jenner. Celeb jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills took Tyga to court after he claims the rapper owes him some serious cash. We’re talking $200k.

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While being questioned, Tyga started to feel extremely ill, lost memory and became confused. He then told his lawyer he couldn’t go on. Kylie has been pretty open about the gifts she has received from her boyfriend online. On the way into the court room, Tyga flipped off photographers and then made a gun gesture at them pretending to shoot. With all the money problems Tyga seems to have, I think it’s time to invest in someone who can help this man get his pockets together. I mean gifts are nice and all but he definitely needs someone to come clean up his messy debts. This is not the first time we have seen Tyga get called out for money issues. There has been a few landlord’s who were seeking money and now this? Not quite Mr. Rack City after all huh? Let’s hope Tyga can pull it together… soon.

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Source: TMZ