The NCAA is ready to levy punishment over the Louisville basketball prostitution scandal and it appears coach Rick Pitino is falling heavily under the guillotine for failing to monitor his program; now he could face suspension.

The NCAA launched an investigation into allegations made last year by self-proclaimed madam Katina Powell, who said the University of Louisville staffers paid thousands of dollars for dancing and sex services from her stable of women.

The NCAA determined Powell was telling the truth, and claim former director of basketball operations Andre McGee paid more than $5,400 for adult entertainment and sex acts for at least 17 UL players and recruits from 2010 to 2014.  McGee was hit with two charges including arranging the entertainment and failing to cooperate with the NCAA investigation, both considered “severe” breaches of conduct.

As for Pitino, he was charged with failure to frequently spot-check the program including looking for red flags and asking pointed questions, basically failing to monitor the program.   Pitino’s alleged violation is also considered “severe” and could result in a suspension.

A third basketball staffer was also charged with failure to cooperate.

The University is backing Pitino, claiming it believes McGee acted alone and no other school official had knowledge of his actions.

Yea ok…

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source: TMZ Sports