Kim Kardashian x Selfish
As you know, Kim Kardashian was robbed in her suite for over $10 Million and she has been traumatized ever since. After this post from the Huffington Post, she says she’ll sue them if they don’t apologize.

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The Huffington Post wrote an article eluding that the robbery that Kim Kardashian went through was somehow fake or staged for publicity. Naturally Kim was upset, so she wrote a letter to the Huffington Post demanding an apology or she’ll go through with legal action. In the letter, it demanded an apology from Sharika Soal, a contributor to the Huffington Post for the article she wrote claiming it was a publicity stunt gone wrong.

It isn’t that simple however. Soal claims she’s blocked from her Huffington Post account so she cannot issue the apology Kim is looking for. She also added that she has nothing so if Kim sues, that’s all she’ll get, nothing.