Drake recently released a new single titled ‘2 Birds 1 Stone.’ In the single, he dissed Kid Cudi and fans are not here for it. Cudi recently checked into rehab for ‘depression and suicidal urges.’

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The lyric read,

“You were the Man on the Moon, now you go through your phases / Life of the angry and famous”

Back in September, Cudi tweeted,

Everyone thinks they’re soooo great. Talkin top 5 and be having 30 people write songs for them

Fans are not trying to hear it. They believe that Drake went a little too far. One person tweeted,

Kid Cudi disses Drake’s talent and Drake’s only comeback is to insult Cudi’s health and not musical abilities…….

Another person tweeted,

I swear Drake sold his soul. I can’t listen to him after this stuff with Kid Cudi. The man is in rehab trying to get help and Drake subs him

Mental illness is nothing to make fun of. Im sorry but this was truly a low blow. Anyone who has lost someone to depression would feel strongly about this. Some things should not be touched in songs. In my opinion, family, health, and personal issues should not be touched.

Get better Cudi. We are still rooting for you.

Source: TMZ