In 2015, a woman by the name of Krystina Clowes filed a $225k lawsuit against A$AP Rocky, A$AP Ferg, Ian Connor, Young Shabba and Live Nation. Clowes claimed that she’d suffered spinal damage after Connor and Shabba jumped into the crowd during the A$AP Mob’s set on ‘Under the Influence’ tour stop she’d attended on August 3, 2013.

She later dropped her suit against Rocky and Ferg, but continued on against Shabba, Connor and Live Nation. In the latest update, Connor has been hit with a $150k default judgement, as he did not respond to the suit at all.

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During the hearing where the judgement was decided, Clowes presented the following:

“[She] testified that she is in constant pain and she often stays in bed all day to avoid the pain and that her enjoyment of life has been severely curtailed. Plaintiff, who became pregnant after the incident, testified that the pregnancy was very painful because of her injury and she was bedridden for the end of her pregnancy. She also testified that because of her chronic back pain that she cannot take care of her daughter on her own and requires assistance to care for her daughter and taking care of her daughter on her own is extremely challenging.”

The judge decided Connor should pay $75k for bodily harm, pain and suffering and emotional distress and an additional $75k in punitive damages due to his extreme and outrageous conduct.

Source: The Jasmine Brand