Coolio has now plead guilty to possession of a concealed weapon. On the bright side, he will not be facing any jail time.

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Instead of being behind bars, Coolio will spend 3 years on probation and do 45 days of community service. He can not use or carry around a gun of course. That means he must stay on his P’s and Q’s. If he does that for a year, his charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor.

Back in September, he was pulled off of his flight for having a gun in his bag. One of his friends tried to take the blame for the gun but cops dug deep and knew it was Coolio’s.

In addition to the sentence, the judge was totally digging Coolio’s hair. Before his hearing ended, the judge said,

“You’ve got a different little hair style … it suits you.”

The hair-do has always been a unique part of Coolio. Looks like the judge was definitely feeling it.

Well that’s good news for Coolio! Let’s hope he stays out of trouble!

Source: TMZ