A Texas judge yesterday removed Pimp C’s widow, Chinara Butler, from her position as executor of his estate. The judge sided with Chinara’s stepson, who accused her of mismanaging it, saying she’d misplaced assets to the tune of $150,000 in jewelry, and never distributed Pimp C’s things to his heirs. The judge will now appoint a new person later this week to manage the estate.

“Mrs. Butler is actually okay with the judge’s decision,” her rep told Bossip. “For far too long, she alone has bore all of the responsibility and liability regarding the business of the estate.”

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He also added that she put a lot of work into the estate:

“As her attorney has proved, when Mrs. Butler took on this role the estate was deep in debt. This business restructuring is just what the estate needs, and frees Mrs. Butler to focus solely on preserving her husband’s legacy.”

I wonder who they will now appoint!

Source: Bossip