Is there some tension building in the Cavs locker room over Tristan Thompson dating Khloe Kardashian? Not likely, but according to a report, some of the players, including Lebron, aren’t exactly thrilled that Thompson is dating her. They even allegedly had a team meeting prior to the first game, where the topic of Thompson’s dating life came up.


Personally, I find it hard to believe that the Cavs had a team meeting to discuss who Thompson was dating. I just can’t see Lebron allowing things to be that petty or even caring that much.

However, I can see Lebron caring about potential distractions, which anytime an athlete dates a Kardashian, it seems to be nothing but distractions. Thompson’s life has been the center of talk ever since he left his gorgeous girlfriend, Jordan Craig, who is about to give birth to his child any day now, for the limelight of being with Khloe.

The off the court nonsense is the only thing I could ever see Lebron taking issue with in regards to who his teammates date. He tends to mind his business but if it ever affects the team chemistry you can be sure he would speak on it.

Via Hollywood Life:

LeBron James hasn’t been happy that Tristan Thompson is dating drama magnet Khloe Kardashian, and we hear that the teammates had a locker room showdown before the Cavs’ home opener game. Here’s how Tristan defended his girlfriend to LeBron and the rest of the team.

“Tristan isn’t taking any crap from his teammates anymore. As far as he’s concerned, Khloe’s coming to every damn game she chooses,” the insider reveals. “Tristan told LeBron straight up before last night’s game that Khloe was coming and that was that.” Boom!

But wait, there’s more. “Tristan told LeBron that Khloe is his good luck charm, and that if they lost that night, then he’d consider asking her not to come in the future,” the source adds.

Again, do I really buy into all of that happening? Not really. Then again, I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it did because we have all seen how players can lose focus on their game when their busy trying to cater to a member of the Kardashian family.