Recently Azealia banks was in headlines because of an incident involving her and Russel Crowe. According to Azealia In the incident Russel Crowe allegedly choked Banks, spit on her, and called her the N word. However, other witnesses at the event claim different. Azealia recently sat down with Access Hollywood to discuss the incident and could not hold back her tears. Is she telling the truth? Check out the video and more on the story after the jump.

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It seems that whenever Azealia is put in a situation that makes headlines; shes always made out to be the liar. Many times before the young star has been presumed to be on the wrong end of morale and this time is shaping out to be no different. Banks sat down for an interview with access Hollywood which can be checked out below. In the interview Banks states how she is tired of being made out to be the bad guy and loses her cool and starts to shed tears for the camera.

Witnesses at the event give an entirely different account of what exactly went down that night. That night everyone was gathered there for a party being thrown by Russel Crowe. Guests of the party state that Azealia was the aggressor and Crowe was actually a hero looking out for one of his other female guests. According to witness accounts, Azealia actually threatened to slit a woman’s throat with a glass. After allegedly making the threats Banks allegedly picked up a glass and tried to attack the woman. That is when witnesses say that Crowe stepped in and saved the day. Azealia however, claims that it was Russel who was the aggressor and that everyone is simply covering up for Hollywood celebrity.

In fact she is currently putting a lot of the blame on legendary Wu Tang guru RZA for not coming to her defense claiming that he saw the whole thing.

Rza has put out statements which not only go against Banks but also coincide with the stories of the witnesses.

(Photo + Video) RZA Breaks His Silence On Azealia Banks Incident

Azealea however states that RZA just doesn’t want to lose his “seat at the white table”.

(Video) Azealia Banks Speaks About Russell Crowe Incident

Since the incident Azealia has cut all ties with Rza both personally and in business.

Azealia Banks Is Not Here For RZA As She Calls Off Label Deal

This all allegedly took place at a Hollywood hotel dinner party for Crowe. Check out her access Hollywood interview below.

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