Dwyane Wade’s tenure with the Chicago Bulls got off to a good start on Thursday night. Wade caught fire from three point land, knocking down 4 of 6 shots, finishing in total with 22 points and most importantly a Bulls win. Friday wasn’t as nice to Wade as he was fined $25,000 for making a throat slash gesture after hitting the game clinching shot.


It wasn’t much but in case you missed it.

The NBA and NFL have wanted players to stop doing the throat slashing gesture in recent years and fining players seems to have worked as it rarely is ever seen anymore. Wade was caught up in the moment after hitting a big shot and let his emotions get the best of him but it really was nothing serious. He took to twitter yesterday to apologize for it.

“I wanna apologize to my young fans on my gesture at the end of last nights game. I was caught up in the emotions of my first game at home.”

The fine won’t exactly hurt his pockets but I have a feeling it will be the last time he ever does it.