Nike introduced the upcoming 2016 Doernbecher collection the collection consist of the Nike Air Jordan 7, Nike Kyrie 2 & the Nike Air Max Zero just to name a few with that said here is a look at the Air Jordan 7 2016 Doernbecher Designed by Damien Phillips. Damien Phillips has Hemophillia which is a a medical condition in which the ability of the blood to clot is severely reduced, causing the sufferer to bleed severely from even a slight injury. The condition is typically caused by a hereditary lack of a coagulation factor. The Inspiration behind Damien Phillips Air Jordan 7 was his love for the Chicago Bulls & also his love for playing the Guitar with that being said Damien was asked what was his favorite part of the shoe making process & he said picking out the materials that has impacted his life because he has never done anything like that Damien says he hopes he can inspire other kids who have Hemophillia & maybe one day they can design there own shoe he also hopes that one day Micheal Jordan wears his Air Jordan 7. The Air Jordan 7 Doernbecher Will Be Availble On December 17th retail is set to be $190.00 will you be copping a pair?. Peep The Gallery To See Detailed Images Of The Air Jordan 7 Doernbecher After The Jump…

Air Jordan 7 Doernbecher by Damien Phillips
December 17, 2016

Written By: Sayitwityakickz