After all of the weekend drama, Soulja Boy has decided to throw in the towel. He must have realized how ridiculous he looks!

In his first apology video, Soulja admitted that he was just agitated because of his lack of lean and weed.

“Lil Yachty man, you know I love you, bro I just needed to smoke a blunt,” SB said. “You know how Big Soulja starts tweakin’ when he ain’t got no weed. Now I’m back to myself, lean and gas,” he says as he shows off his Mary Jane and cough syrup.”

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Next, he posted a video from the studio with Yachty, captioning it:

“Beef over. Love u lil bro. U can have her. You showed me nothing but love since u been in the game. I know u new to this shit. We bout to drop our tape and shock the world.I’m never getting into it with my friend over a girl again. Love u lil bro. Big bro soulja out.”

Many people then got annoyed, thinking that this whole thing was a publicity stunt from the both of them. However, Yachty set the record straight:

“This video is a year old. I’m not in the studio with that n*gga. There is no beef but that is not my friend.”

This could have been a stunt on SB’s part, but clearly, Yachty wasn’t in on it.

#souljaboy blames beef with #lilyachty on lack of weed and lean ?

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#souljaboy has squashed the beef with #lilyachty … was this just fake a** beef???

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#lilyachty clarifies situation with him and #souljaboy … also video that Soulja put up was a year old. ?

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