The Pippen divorce is getting heated. Allegedly Larsa’s been tap dancing around town with Ciara’s ex, Future which is what allegedly led to Scottie filing. Check out the two 911 calls that were made just last month.

So if you’re running around town with another dude and your husband is not cool with it, what exactly do you expect? Larsa on both calls claimed that Scottie was “getting aggressive” with her. I’m not quite sure what that means since she had no bruises and you never once hear Scottie yelling. I mean, yes, it’s possible that he stopped when she called, but hhhh, come on.

These two cannot agree on where to raise the kids now that things are falling apart, he doesn’t want to pay spousal support, and the prenuptial agreement has come up. Scottie says it’s iron clad, Larsa says they agreed a year ago to forgo it. LOL. Must have been around the time that she allegedly started hanging with Future. Doesn’t she read the papers? Is she looking to be a part of his “family”? SMH. I have no idea if she’s even friends with dude. I do know though that if she signed the agreement, it’s a wrap.

Messy, messy. Good luck to them.

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