Young M.A. calls her Headphanie, and apparently the Lilac Company does too.

Two stores in Florida are now selling Hennessy bottles customized by the company, donning a purple logo and a Headphanie label. While it would be a cool idea if Young M.A. was behind it, apparently she’s not, and now many are upset that the Lilac Company – run by four non-black men – are making money off of the New York rapper’s creativity.

“Stop saying we’re tryna capitalize off @YoungMAMusic – this was an art idea, and that’s all it is,” the company wrote in a now-deleted tweet. “We’re in talks with her manager.”

They also noted that “the liquor stores selling it not us,” which makes no sense, as it’s YOUR product so yes, you’re still selling it.

Hopefully they work something out, or otherwise, M.A. should take legal action! Let us know your thoughts. Would you cop this?

More pics here.